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Izinyembezi Zababhali 'Zashunqulwa Cask Ye-IPA

Seaweed IPA Cask Finish Labour of Love Brings Writers’ Tears for Chosen Few.

Writers’ Tears Seaweed IPA Cask Finish between Walsh Whiskey & Dick Mack’s

Unique Cask Strength Bottling finished in Dick Mack’s Seaweed IPA Cask Finish Yields 306 amabhodlela.

27 May Webcast to discuss Izinyembezi Zababhali 'Zashunqulwa Cask Ye-IPA between Walsh Whiskey & Dick Mack’.

Carlow & Dingle, I-Ireland - 15th May 2020: Walsh Whiskey has released the second in a series of collaborative experiments with the legendary Dick Mack’s Pub & Brewhouse in the seaside town of Dingle in County Kerry, Ireland. Izinyembezi Writers ' – Seaweed IPA Cask Finish is a truly exceptional creation that brings together an old Irish whiskey recipe of Single Pot Still and Single Malt whiskeys, finished in a unique cask infused with the flavour of an 8% IPA beer laced with a seaweed harvest from the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Commenting on the new collaboration with Dick Mack’s, Walsh Whiskey Founder Bernard Walsh wathi:

"This time around we wanted to capture the unique flavours and influence of the harvested kelp seaweed, lashings of which were used in the creation of Dick Mac’s Seaweed IPA…..”

Ubuye wengeza:

“Dick Mack’s are known for their bold and innovative approaches to beer brewing and championing of Irish whiskey, as well as their legendary hospitality, so we knew this collaboration was a perfect match.”

Finn MacDonnell, Proprietor and Great-Grandson of Dick Mack, wathi:

“We were delighted with the response to our first collaboration with Walsh Whiskey and jumped at the chance to work on another really unique expression together. Our Seaweed IPA brings the influence of the wild Atlantic Ocean to life and has created something special with Writers’ Tears, which we are proud to have been a part of.”

Bernard Walsh started this ‘spiritual’ adventure in 2018, when Finn mentioned Dick Mack’s newest creation – a Seaweed IPA. A barrel used in the creation of several batches of Dick Mack’s Tóg Bog É Seaweed IPA was sent on the 298 kms/185 miles cross-country from Dingle in County Kerry to Walsh Whiskey in County Carlow. Tóg Bog É (pronounced Toag Guh Bug Ay) is a Gaelic expression meaning ‘Take it Easy’ which has come to identify Irish people’s traditional outlook towards how best to live life.

Dick Mack’s Tóg Bog É Seaweed IPA was brewed with no less than 5 kilos/ 11 pounds of kelp seaweed harvested from County Kerry’s nearby Ballybunion Beach.

On Saint Valentine’s Day 2019 the barrel was filled with the award-winning Izinyembe Zababhali - Imbiza Ye-Copper, kathathu distilled, premium blend of Single Pot Still and Single Malt whiskeys and laid down for 14 months to finish. It was bottled naturally, non-chill filtered, at high strength.

Unique Cask Strength Bottling finished in Dick Mack’s Seaweed IPA Cask Finish Yields 306 amabhodlela.The single cask (numbered ‘Batch 56’) has now yielded 306, individually numbered, bottles of Cask Strength (56.3%) super-premium whiskey. The Recommended Retail Price of this unique expression is €82/ US$89/ £72, however many bottles have already been snapped up by members of Irish Whiskey Umphakathi and frontline workers of the Dublin Fire Brigade Whiskey Club. This unique expression is already a collector’s item.

The whiskey holds a colour of golden mustard and flavours of autumnal bramble apple, wrapped in a fragrant butterscotch, opening up to salted fruit syrup and liquorice on the palate. A creamy mouthfeel ascends, as though on the crest of a wave, lapping up gently with a dry earthiness.

Notes re Writers’ TearsSeaweed IPA Cask Finish:

  • Laid down on St Valentine’s Day 2019 for a 14 Months Finish
  • Natural Non-Chill Filtered
  • Bottled at Cask Strength (56.3%)
  • Barrel: Bourbon, Seasoned with Seaweed IPA (8% ABV) brewed at Dick Mack’s, Dingle in Ireland’s Kingdom of County Kerry
  • Umbala: Golden mustard
  • Ikhala: Deep butterscotch, autumnal/mature bramble apple
  • Nambithani: Salted caramelised fruit sugar’s syrup, a touch of liquorice
  • Qeda: Creamy mouth feel


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Note re Webcast about Izinyembezi Writers ' – Seaweed IPA Cask Finish ku 27th May:

A webcast to taste and discuss the creation of Izinyembezi Writers ' – Seaweed IPA Cask Finish, will be held on Facebook at 8pm (Irish Summer Time) ku 27th May, 2020 between Izinyembezi Writers ' creator and Walsh Whiskey Founder, Bernard Walsh; Finn MacDonnell, Proprietor & Great-Grandson of Dick Mack himself; Serghios Florides, Umshicileli & Editor of Irish Whiskey Magazine futhi Peter White we Dublin Fire Brigade Whiskey Club.

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About Walsh Whisky:

Isungulwe ngaphakathi 1999 ngendoda nomfazi, UBernard noRosemary Walsh, U-Walsh Whisky ungumkhiqizi oholayo we-premium ne-super-premium, kathathu distilled, ubuciko, Ama-whiskeys ase-Ireland - Writers’ Tears and The Irishman. Demand for these critically acclaimed whiskeys currently exceeds available supply in the 50 amazwe asatshalaliswa emhlabeni wonke.

Iholwa ngumsunguli uBernard Walsh, kanye nebhodi eliqinile labasebenza embonini yezempi, the company has built a portfolio of international award-winning drinks brands. Lokhu kufaka phakathi 9 core expressions in a range of 16 premium Irish whiskeys under the Izinyembe zomlobi futhi I Irishman imikhiqizo, as well as The Hot IrishmanIrish Coffee futhi I Irishman – Irish Cream Liqueur.

About Dick Mack’s Brewhouse

Three friends Aussie, Seamus and Dick Mack’s great-grandson, Finn, discuss times past in the snug at Dick Mack’s over a few pints. The discussion turns to Dick Mack’s history of bottling its own beer and a dream is born. Two years later, after months and months of research, planning and hard work, Dick Mack’s Brewhouse is born. Located in a 250 year old cow shed, the brewhouse has since picked up Gold medal awards for its Coffee Stout futhi Session IPA at the Blás na hÉireann awards.



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