Writers Tears Original

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Writers Tears is the original member of the Walsh Whiskey family and is a unique blend of Pure Pot Still and Single Malt Whiskey with no grain whiskey added. Many years ago whiskey blenders in Ireland decided not to follow their Scottish counterparts down the grain whisky route deciding to maintain the pot still dominance of their whiskey. Writers Tears say that their whiskey harks back to the golden age of Irish writers when blended Irish whiskey were without a grain addition.
Writers Tears Original Whiskey Irish Whiskey
Writers Tears Original Irish Whiskey

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Writers Tears Original Irish Whiskey

Writers Tears whiskey is a fairly unique blend of Pure Pot Still and Malt Whiskey. They don’t state the balance but I would guess myself that it is close to 50-50. Think of it as a Black Bush with Pure Pot Still instead of Grain. Like many of the superior Irish Whiskeys from Midleton distillery, it is non chill filtered which gives it that slightly cloudy appearance that tells you that this is very high quality whiskey remaining true to the historic roots of Irish Pot Still tradition.

Writers Tears Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

  • Nose: A light fruity air with hints of vanilla deepening into richer scents.
  • Taste: A honey like sweetness and citrus notes from the grain give way to a warming tingle from the malt.
  • Finish: Long lingering finish influenced by the pot still malt.

Stuart Says

Writers Tears is a unique and exceptional Irish whiskey blend of Pure Pot Still Whiskey and Malt Irish Whiskey. Again, like the other whiskeys in the Walsh whiskey range, I’m afraid to say I am not very familiar with Writers Tears having tasted it only once as part of the personal collection of another whiskey aficionado friend in Belgium. I really admire the back to basic roots approach taken by Writers tears who have recreated a classic style of whiskey from a century ago with quite some style.

Writers Tears Irish Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Walsh Whiskey
Name: Writers Tears Original
ABV: 40%
Age Statement: No Age Statement
Filtered? Non Chill Filtered
Whiskey Type: Blend of Pure Pot Still Whiskey and Malt Whiskey
Cask Type: Matured in bourbon barrels.
Pooka Scale: Two on the Pooka Scale

Two Pooka Writers Tears Irish Whiskey
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Writers Tears Original

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Writers Tears Irish Whiskey is a unique blend of Pure Pot Still Whiskey and Malt Whiskey aged in ex Bourbon American Oak Barrels.