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abalobi’ Tears Double Oak Kwenza Ummeli Whisky Top Ten

Izinyembezi Writers 'Double Oak aqanjwe njengoba kuphela Irish Whiskey e Whisky Ummeli Phezulu 10 Global Uhlu Whiskeys Khishiwe e 2019

Writers Tears Double Oak Walsh Whiskey Irish Whiskey Blog Whisky AdvocateA few months ago I reviewed the a new WritersTears expression from Walsh Whiskey in Carlow. abalobi’ Tears Double Oak is finished in both American Oak and French Oak casks and is the third expression of the core portfolio of Walsh Whiskey. Walsh Whiskey established a close collaboration with the Legaret Family in Cognac, France to secure casks for the “champagne Blend” of Single Malt and Single Pot Still Irish Whiskeys in Double Oak.

The use of French oak casks in the maturation of Irish whiskey was widespread through the 17th futhi 18th centuries. This would have changed in the 19th century, with the arrival of more affordable and larger quantities of American oak casks because of the surge in exports of Irish whiskey at the time. This gave rise to a unique blend of both French and American Oak casks being used to mature Irish whiskeys. The resultant blends gave a French nuanced twist to the flavour profile of Irish Pot Still and Malt Whiskeys.

American oak contributes bolder flavours with more sweet and vanilla overtones due to the presence of more lactones in the wood. I French oak, on the other hand, generates silky tannins yielding a light sweetness combined with fruity flavours, that linger in the finish.

Whiskey Advocate, which is one of America’s leading whiskey websites, has just named WritersTear Double Oak as one of its Whisky AdvocateTop TenGlobal Whisk(e)y releases for 2019. It was the only Irish Whiskey to make the top ten this year. No Irish Whiskey made the top ten last year.

Here’s the official Press Release from Walsh Whisky.

Writers’ Tears Double Oak Named as Only Irish Whiskey in Top 10 Global Uhlu Whiskeys Khishiwe e 2019

Carlow, Ireland – 2d bilan Disemba 2019: Writers’ Tears Double Oak was first released, by Walsh Whiskey, in May 2019 and has already turned heads, especially in the United States – the world’s largest market for whiskey where 50% of all Irish whiskey is sold. Namuhla Writers’ Tears Double Oak has been confirmed in the United States as the only Irish whiskey to make the elite Whisky Advocate listing of the Top 10 World Whiskey Releases of 2019. The other 9 included 4 Bourbon expressions, 4 Scotch and a Tennessee whiskey.

Writers Tears Double Oak Walsh Whiskey Irish Whiskey Blog Whisky Advocate

Writing for Whisky Advocate, Jonny McCormick’s citation for Writers’ Tears Double Oak reads:

“Walsh Whiskey has rarely released better whiskeys than those of 2019, which included two expressions made in collaboration with the Legaret family of Deau Cognac. Lapha, they apply bourbon and French oak cognac barrels to the unique marriage of single pot still and single malt Irish whiskeys, arguably the most premium interpretation of the Irish blend. Aromas of dark berry fruit, cinnamon, fudge, milk chocolate, graham crackers, jellied fruit, and a smudge of dry spices. Compelling, well-structured whiskey with cinnamon, chocolate, dark toffee, pepper, and ginger; never cloying, nor overly sweet, just a richly rewarding glass.”

Bernard Walsh, Chief Executive and co-founder of Walsh Whiskey said:

“This is high praise for our new core expression in the Writers’ Tears stable. It caps a great year for us which saw The Irishman Single Malt Single Cask 17 Year Old named Irish whiskey of the year, and when we loaned Martin Scorsese our logo to help him make his movie!"

Earlier this year, Izinyembezi Writers ' scored a double coup when the range was the only one in the world to have two expressions included in the Whisky Advocate list of highest-scoring 21 whiskeys reviewed out of 150 this Fall/Autumn. Writers’ Tears Double Oak futhi Writers 'Tears Cask Amandla (2019) were the only Irish whiskeys to make that list.

Izinyembezi Writers ' Double Oak, is the third core expression in the Izinyembezi Writers ' range which includes the Copper Pot futhi Amandla Cask versions. The wider Walsh Whiskey portfolio comprises of 16 expressions in the extended Izinyembezi Writers ' futhi I Irishman ranges.

Writers Tears Double Oak Walsh Whiskey Irish Whiskey Blog Whisky Advocate

Summary of Izinyembezi Writers ' Double Oak

  • An exclusive Irish whiskey created using two woods and two styles of premium Irish whiskey
  • Aged and Matured in
    • American Oak Bourbon Casks from Kentucky
    • French Oak Casks from Cognac.
  • A unique marriage of aged
    • Single Malt Irish Whiskey
    • Single Pot Still Irish whiskey
  • 46% ABV
  • Triple DistilledThe Irish Way
  • Distilled using 100% BarleyThe Only Way
  • Non Chill ehlungiwe – The Natural Way
  • The RRP is €55 Ireland / $64.99 USA.
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