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Walsh Whisky renforce son réseau asiatique

Irish Whiskey Blog Walsh Whiskey The Irishman and Writers Tears Asia, Japon, taiwan,malaysiaExclusive distributors for both Les larmes d'écrivains & l'Irlandais appointed in Japan, Corée du Sud, Taïwan, Singapour & Sri Lanka

Carlow, Irlande: 27 avril, 2020: L'Asie étant la première région à sortir de la période de verrouillage COVID, Marques de Walsh Whisky – Les larmes d'écrivains et l'Irlandaisare in pole position to expand following the recent appointments of several new distribution partners. For two decades the independent producer, établi en 1999, has primarily focused on the growth of both whiskeys in Europe and North America – until now. The company, led by founder Bernard Walsh, has appointed exclusive distributors for both brands in leading markets – Japon (Lead Off Japan), Corée du Sud (Taesan Liquor), Taïwan (Dong Hsun Hsin), Singapour (Original Whiskeys) and also in Sri Lanka (Signature Ceylon Beverages). Les larmes d'écrivains et l'Irlandais are already represented in Malaysia (Fortier Wines & Spirits).

The company has a portfolio of 15 whiskeys and is best known for it’s unique blends which feature the combination of premium Pot Still and Single Malt triple-distilled Irish whiskeys in its core expressionsLarmes d'écrivain - Pot en cuivre et The Irishman – Founder’s Reserve.

Commenting on his increased focus on Asia, Bernard Walsh m'a dit:

“Being a European company of Irish heritage, it made sense to build-out our offering in Europe and North America first. Clearly our whiskeys are now proven in the Super Premium Irish Whiskey category in both Europe and North America and that solid base now enables us to expand, with confidence, into Asia and Eastern Europe.

Il ajouta:

“We look to build strong, dynamic, mutual partnerships in each of the markets that we enter, and Asia is no different. nous have established new partnerships and upgraded others in the region so that we now have representation in 6 key Asian markets overall and we will add more in the next few years. With consumers finding their feet again after the COVID-Lockdown, we expect Writers’ Tears et The Irishman to build on the strong progress we have made with our partners already.”

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