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Complete the form below to submit your venue to our Irish Whiskey Way web team. Please note, if you were not personally sent an invitation and would like to discuss entry with Stuart, please email Stuart or call +353 87 211 1222. If you wish to place listings in more than one category for your business, please fill out a unique description (Min 200 words) for each new listing. These can be edited quite easily at any time in the future. Please do not submit a listing unless you have been invited to do so already by Stuart.

At present we are only accepting entries from Ireland. All data is kept in the strictest of confidence and is not shared with any third parties.

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What is the Irish Whiskey Way?

The Irish Whiskey Way will be launched in coming months as an exclusive all Ireland Irish Whiskey Tourism website & app, listing only the very best in Irish Whiskey Tourism venues. The Irish Whiskey Way site will be translated into multiple languages so that Irish Whiskey lovers the world over can find out all about you and your Irish Whiskey Tourism Venue or Service.

Quality Venues Only

Membership of the Irish Whiskey Way is by private invitation only and is 100% free. This site is designed to support and complement the spirit of the tourism pillar of the Vision for Irish Whiskey Tourism Strategy. We hope to launch the new site in Q3 / Q4 2015. In the meantime, “Follow Us” on Twitter @IrishWhiskeyWay.

Make Your Listing Unique

Please use original text in your description paragraphs and please do not copy from other sources including your own website. The reason for this is to avoid duplicate content on Google.

Please feel free to Contact Stuart directly if you require any assistance with the copy for your venue.

We will contact you before your listing goes live inviting you to email us 2 or 3 photos for your listing and we will also confirm that we have the correct location for your listing’s map display.

Only one category is allowed per listing. If your venue qualifies for more than one listing category e.g. you have a whiskey shop, a whiskey bar and a whiskey museum, just submit a separate listing with appropriate, different descriptions (200 words+) for each different element of your Irish Whiskey business..

Please email Contact Stuart or call +353 87 211 1222.

About Stuart McNamara

Bottling your own Irish Whiskey at Kilbeggan DistilleryStuart McNamara is the founder and Owner – Editor in Chief of, IrishWhiskey.Fr and and is a well known Whiskey writer, historian and blogger. Stuart is also a Judge in the Spirits and Wines Category of the Irish Quality Food Awards.

As well as setting up the de facto Online Homes for Irish Whiskey & Haig Whisky, he also holds a trade mark for a brand new Irish Whiskey glass and there is a big book deal waiting in the wings for this well known whiskey aficionado. Connect with Stuart using any of the links below.
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The Pooka Scale

Stuart is also behind a standardised classification scale for demystifying Irish Whiskey for Beginners – “The Pooka Scale“. Stuart’s love and expert knowledge of Irish Whiskey and Haig Whisky has been the driving force behind these sites for many years and it has allowed him to transition into a well known international whiskey writer and speaker.