Tullamore Dew Original

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Tullamore DEW Original is a unique blend of Pot Still, Malt and Grain Whiskey yielding a smooth and easy drinking whiskey with the malt adding a welcome complexity. Production of Tullamore DEW ceased in Tullamore in the 1950’s when the old distillery closed. Since then, the component parts of Tullamore DEW have come from Midleton and Bushmills.
However, the iconic brand was recently taken over by Grants who have just opened a new state of the art €35 Million distillery in Tullamore town. From 2014, the Pot Still elements of the whiskey will be once again made in Tullamore and plans are afoot to shortly add continuous stills to move the grain whisky element from Midleton back to Tullamore. From then, Tullamore will once again be a pure Irish Midlands produced Whiskey.
Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey Distillery
Tullamore DEW Original Irish Whiskey Distillery

Tullamore Dew
Blended Irish Whiskey


Tullamore Dew Original Irish Whiskey

Tullamore DEW is one of the few surviving original old Irish Whiskey labels. Since the original distillery in Tullamore closed more than 50 years ago, Tullamore DEW has been made from Grain and Pot Still Whiskey from Midleton and Malt Whiskey from Bushmills. However, since the summer of 2014 the Malt and Pot Still whiskey are once again made in a distillery in Tullamore after new owners William Grant and Sons opened a new state of the art Pot Still distillery on the edge of Tullamore Town in the Irish Midlands. On my visit to the distillery opening, I learned of plans to install Coffey Stills or Column Stills for Grain Whiskey distillation in the near future which will mean that once again, Tullamore DEW will be 100% from Tullamore.

Tullamore DEW Original Whiskey Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Light and sweet citrus airs from the malt and grain, with orchard fruits and vanilla undertones.
  • Taste: Fruity sweetness from the grain leads in a gentle spice from the Pot Still and a gentle malty creamy mouth feel.
  • Finish: Medium finish with some vanilla notes from the Oak and almond from the Sherry wood.

Stuart Says

For many years, Tullamore DEW has been the whiskey that I buy as my own personal travel whiskey when leaving Dublin Airport. There are two reasons!

Firstly, Tullamore DEW is sold at the airport in a lightweight and travel friendly plastic naggin and secondly, it’s a marvelous One Pooka Whiskey for sharing or introducing Whiskey Newbies to on my travels. Because of it’s unique blend of Grain, Malt and Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Tullamore Dew is all things to all drinkers and especially Irish Whiskey Beginners. Tullamore DEW is a smooth, affordable, easy drinking and flavorsome One Pooka Irish Whiskey that easily holds its own against more expensive competitors. Feel confident buying it as a present for an Irish Whiskey drinking friend or for yourself.

Tullamore DEW Original Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Tullamore DEW
Name: Original
ABV: 40%
Age Statement: No Age Statement
Filtered?: No
Whiskey Type: Pot Still Whiskey, Malt Whiskey and Grain Whiskey Blend
Cask Type: Ex Bourbon Barrels and Sherry casks.
Pooka Scale: One on the Pooka Scale

One Pooka Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey
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Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey is unique in that it is a triple distilled blend of three different types of whiskey, namely Pot Still Whiskey, malt Whiskey and Grain Whiskey. Tullamore DEW was made at the Tullamore Distillery in the Irish Midlands for over 100 years