Tullamore Dew

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Tullamore Dew

Walsh Irish Whiskey - Writers Tears Original

Tullamore DEW is an affordable and easy drinking high quality blend of Grain, Malt and Pot Still Irish Whiskey making it an ideal First Whiskey for an Irish Whiskey novice.

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Tullamore Dew
12 Year Old Special Reserve

Walsh Irish Whiskey - Writers Tears Cask Strength

Tullamore DEW is already a wonderful easy drinking blend of Grain and Pot Still Irish Whiskey with malt whiskey adding further flavour. But the added 12 Year aging of this Special Reserve makes it really special.

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About The Tullamore Dew Distillery Co. Offaly, Ireland

Up until the mid 1950’s and for over 150 years before, whiskey was distilled in Tullamore which is a market town in the Irish Midlands which had excellent road, rail and canal links to Dublin. The DEW part of the name actually comes from the initials of Daniel Edward Williams who was a successful manager of the distillery in the late 1800’s.

The distillery suffered a catastrophic fire during this time but was rebuilt with the support of the town leading the company to adopt the Phoenix rising from the ashes as it’s symbol

With the fall of the Irish Whiskey industry in the middle of the last century, the old distillery closed and production moved to Irish Distillers, first in Dublin and then to Cork on the opening of the new Midleton Distillery in 1979.

Tullamore DEW is a unique Irish Whiskey in that it is a blend of Grain Whiskey from Midleton, Malt Whiskey fromBushmills and Pot Still Whiskey from Midleton, all of which of course are triple distilled.

The Tullamore DEW Whiskey brand has recently been taken over by Scottish Whisky company William Grant & Sons and this has had a wonderful benefit for Tullamore DEW with the opening in 2014 of a brand new €35 Million distillery just outside Tullamore. Once more, the Malt Whiskey and Pot Still Whiskey of the blend are distilled in the new copperpot stills in Tullamore. There are plans to install Coffey Stills or Continuous Stills in the new factory in the next year or so to make the grain element of the blend.

Like the Phoenix on it’s label, Tullamore DEW Whiskey rises again to new and great heights.

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Distillery