Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키 검토

Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키 – Silver Bottling

30 십일월 2014

Teeling have taken a partially peated 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey distilled in 1991 and have given it another year of maturation in Sauterne Wine Casks before bottling it at 46% ABV. This Teeling Reserve Vintage Silver Bottling Expression is a small batch Irish Whiskey limited to just 5,000 병.

Teeling Vintage Reserve 21, Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키 검토, 아일랜드어 위스키 .COM

Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 살 아일랜드어 위스키. Amazingly smooth slightly peated 21 Year Old Teeling Irish Whiskey.

Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키

I’ve read some other reviews of this 21 Year Old Single Malt and I wonder if they were reviewing the same whiskey as me? This is a quite polished and unique offering from Teeling that does not fit easily into any of the existing Irish Whiskey models.

It was originally distilled in 1991 with a small amount of peated malt added to the mashbill. It was aged for 21 years in ex Bourbon Casks before being finished for a year in Sauterne Wine Casks. It was then bottled by the Teeling Brothers (Jack and Stephen) in July 2013 as a Small Batch Release of just 5,000 병.

Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키 – 스튜어트의 시음 노트

  • 코: Powerful oak and deep vanilla with hints of burnt wood, gentle peat, dark honey and coarse cut marmalade.
  • 미각: Luscious, full creamy malty mouth feel with warm mixed spice.
  • 끝: Long with spice yielding to a deep rounded malt and just a hint of salt after taste.

I first tasted Teeling Vintage Reserve 21 Year old a year ago while passing through Dublin airport on my way over and back to my new home in Brussels. I was surprised by the warm but light smokiness reminiscent of an aged, but lightly peated Springbank.

I liked it so much that I immediately bought a few bottles for myself and some friends. 사실로, I finished the last drop while writing this review!

I’m proud to declare myself as anearly adopter and championof this exciting new Irish Whiskey company as I’ve just noticed that my last remaining bottle is Bottle Number 361 의 5,000!

This is a very, very, special Irish Whiskey, which I think has all the marks of a future classic. I’ve always felt that wine cask finishes work best on the lighter, more neutral chassis of a well aged single grain. With the more robust flavours of fortified wines such as Sherry and Port, It can be quite easy toover cooka finish by leaving it for too long. But not with wine casks paired with an aged and intense Single Malt such as this (IMHO).

While the Sauterne finish lends some sweetness and polish to a very fine single malt, I feel that this 21-year-old Irish Whiskey diamond can possibly be polished to even greater perfection. It would be interesting to see what another year or two or more in the Sauterne Casks would add to the already superb presentation to bring even greater depths of rich character and polish.

최종적으로, although this review is about the whiskey, I must also mention the quality of the presentation of bottle design, stopper, labelling, wooden bottle display case and packaging box. It really does make a most excellent Irish Whiskey Gift with a lot of “기분 좋은” 인자!

Like I said, I’ve already bought two for myself and three as corporate gifts for friends in Brussels. Time to restock!

It’s very seldom, you get to buy a real piece of whiskey history in the making.

Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키 사실 파일

상표명: Teeling Irish Whiskey
이름: Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키
ABV: 46%
연령 문: 21 연령
거르는: 비 칠 필터링
위스키의 종류: 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키
술통 유형: Matured in ex bourbon barrels for 21 Years and Finished for one year in Sauterne Wine Casks.
Pooka 규모: Four on the Pooka Scale

Teeling Vintage Reserve 21, Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 년산 싱글 몰트 아일랜드어 위스키 검토, 아일랜드어 위스키 .COM

Teeling 빈티지 준비 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey with Sauterne Cask Finish is a Four Pooka, Super Premium Irish Whiskey.

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