Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey

The original Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey is another example of Teeling’s unique approach to creating new styles of Irish Whiskey. Single Grain whiskey is distilled in continuous or Coffey Stills and this yields a sweeter, more easy drinking spirit that can make an ideal introduction to Irish Whiskey for a new Irish Whiskey drinker. There has been a recent rush to produce single grain whiskeys of late from some of the larger companies such as Diageo with their new Blue bottle Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky, but Teeling did it first and did it so much better and with much more style.

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Teeling Single Grain Original Irish Whiskey

Single Grain Whiskey is distilled using a continuous still or Coffey Still which produces a consistent if slightly characterless spirit when compared to pot still distillate. The secret therefore in producing a great single grain whiskey is in the quality of the grain used and in the maturation. Teeling have stayed away from the old Bourbon casks used by everyone else and instead have chosen American Red Wine Barrels which give a rich ruby hue to this non chill filtered whiskey. The red Wine influence also extends to the taste, adding an extra richness to the taste and a slight tannin dryness to the finish. Single Grain Whiskeys can also be lighter and have less character than their malt pot still cousins, so Teeling have bottled their single grain at a non chill filtered 46% to give it more Ooomph! The result is a single grain Irish whiskey of real style and substance.

Teeling Single Grain Original Whiskey Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Light and fruity.
  • Taste: Summer Fruits and berries .
  • Finish: Medium finish. Rich and fruity with a dry tannin influenced finish.

Stuart Says

Teeling Single Grain Whiskey earns a well deserved Two Pooka Award. Two Pooka Whiskeys are entry level or One Pooka Whiskeys that have benefited from some extra special magic. Teeling Single Grain is a classic case in point. An otherwise normal single grain whiskey produced in column or Coffey stills is matured for sufficient time in old wine barrels to impart a very unique character, nose and flavour and bring it firmly into Two Pooka territory.

I first tasted Teeling Single Grain a few years ago when I bought a bottle from the famous “Cooley Whiskey Sisters” at the Loop Whiskey Shop in Dublin airport as I left to live abroad in Brussels for a year. To celebrate my move and my new apartment, Jean and Colette persuaded me to go Teeling all the way. So I bought a Teeling Single Grain, a Small Batch Teeling and a couple of 21 Year Old Teeling Special reserves. I’d do the same again!

The Teeling Single Grain Whiskey was a perfect beginner whiskey to offer my new non whiskey drinking friends in Brussels as it is so smooth, easy drinking and approachable. When Dr. John Teeling visited Brussels last year to address the Ireland Belgium Business Association it was also an ideal opportunity for me to introduce my own group to the rest of the Teeling Whiskey range at the associated whiskey tasting . A month or so later, I was delighted to assist this same group in organising a whiskey tour to Galway which is home to some of Ireland’s best Whiskey Bars including the G Hotel, Garavans and the Pucán.

So, because I bought one bottle of easy drinking entry level Teeling Single Grain 6 months earlier in Dublin Airport, 12 people decided to visit Ireland for a weekend whiskey tour. It just shows the potential of Irish Whiskey in supporting Irish Tourism.


Teeling Single Grain Original Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Teeling Irish Whiskey
Name: Teeling Single Grain Irish Whiskey.
ABV: 46%
Age Statement: No Age Statement.
Filtered? Non Chill Filtered.
Whiskey Type: Single Grain Irish Whiskey.
Cask Type: Matured in Californian Red Wine Barrels.
Pooka Scale: Two on the Pooka Irish Whiskey Scale

Two Pooka Single Grain Irish Whiskey
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Teeling Original Single Grain Irish Whiskey