Poitín or Poteen pronounced “Putch’een” is illegal Irish Spirit which has been made in home made illicit stills in the mountains of Ireland for generations. Poteen comes from the word “Poit” meaning a pot which was the base of the home made still and “ín” which makes the dininutive when added to the end of a word in Irish or Irish English. So, a little man would become a “man’een” etc. Poitín was made using grain or potatoes to make a wash which was then distilled with a home made copper pipe still heated by open turf fires up in the mountains, away from the gaze of revenue officials and customs officers who were constantly hunting the Poitín makers.
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Teeling Irish Poitín

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Teeling Poitín

The problem with home made Poitín was that you really were taking your life in your hands when you drank it, as quality varied widely. Occasionally, unscrupulous wild distillers or their middle men who sold it in the towns and often add cheap industrial alcohol to stretch the profits! As commercial spirit prices have fallen through globalisation, the art of Poitín making and illegal stills has largely died out in rural Ireland save from a few pockets in the mountains of Connemara in the West and Donegal in the North West of Ireland. When I was a child growing up in West Cork, raids by the Gardaí (Irish Police) on neighbouring amateur distillers were frequent. It was all treated as a bit of a cat and mouse game at the time and often, a blind eye may have been turned to true craftsmen in an area who were distilling consistent and safe quality products. It was and still is a long running joke in Ireland that the best place to get good quality safe Poitín is from the local Garda Sergeant who might have kept back and held onto a portion of the Poitín he confiscated (for purely evidential reasons of course!!) or from the local Parish Priest who always kept some as a medicinal rub for his pet racing greyhound!

Well, worry no more, because now you can safely sample your own Poitín without going blind thanks to the good folks in Teeling Whiskey who have recreated this famous Irish moonshine.

Teeling Poitín Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Quite fruity with lots of alcohol smell .
  • Taste: Really good deep alcohol and fruit flavour. Creamy mouth feel but beware of alcohol burn. Not unlike a German Kirshwasser.
  • Finish: Long rich malty finish with a nice after glow.

Stuart Says

Try a bit of Irish drinking heritage and keep a bottle of this in your house as a great conversation piece. For neat new distilled spirit, there is a surprising amount of malty flavour to be got from Poitín. At 62.5%, it can be very or too strong when taken as a shot, but try it in a hot toddy with some boiling water, lemon,cloves and sugar to ward away a cold. My own favourite use of Poitín is to add a shot to a big Steaming mug of Barry’s Irish Tea. Try it and see!!

Teeling Poitín Fact File

Brand Name: Teeling Irish Whiskey
Name: Teeling Irish Poitín
ABV: 61.5%
Age Statement: No Age Statement
Filtered? No
Whiskey Type: New Make Irish Spirit
Cask Type: Are you Joking?
Pooka Scale: One on the Pooka Scale

One Pooka Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey
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Teeling Poitín is a legal and safe way to sample one of the most iconic Irish Spirits without getting arrested!