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Dit is die Internasionale Ierse Whisky-dag, volgende Dinsdag 3 Maart 3/3

Internasionale Ierse Whiskey Dag, an annual international celebration of Irish Whiskey takes place next Tuesday 3rd March - 3/3. The 3rd March date was chosen for International Day of Irish Whiskey celebrations because of the significance of the number 3 in Ierse Whiskey en in Ierland. ...

Tullamore Te – Egan se Ierse Whiskey Renaissance

Tullamore Te - Egan's Irish Whiskey Egan's Irish Whiskey is an old Irish Whiskey brand from Tullamore that has been resurrected and redeveloped by the direct descendants of Patrick Egan and his sons Patrick Junior and Henry, wat eerste gestig Ierse Whiskey Egan se oor 150 jare terug. I was ...