Spot Irish Whiskey

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Green Spot

Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Superb 10 Year Old Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. One of Stuart’s Personal Favourites!

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Yellow Spot

Yellow Spot Irish Whiskey

Yellow Spot is 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Whiskey matured in Ex Bourbon casks and Sherry Butts and finished in Madeira casks.

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The Mitchells’ Spot Whiskey Story

Up to 40 or 50 years ago, most Irish Whiskey left the distillery, not in bottles but in casks that were delivered to wholesalers and Whiskey Bond Houses who then bottled and labeled the whiskey with their own brands.

One of these Whiskey Bond Merchants was Mitchels and Sons, Wine Mercheants of Kildare Street in Dublin, just across the road from the Dáil or Irish Parliament building where they still have a wine and whiskey shop today.

Mitchells would take delivery of barrels of whiskey from Dublin distilleries such as Bow Street and John’s Lane. The barrels would then be stored in Mitchells own bonded ware house and would be bottled and branded as required and to suit market demand. This meant that Mitchells had a variety of ages of whiskey in bond as the whiskey continued to age , improve and increase in value as it matured from year to year in the barrels and casks. No tax was paid on whiskey held in bond, so it was a very cost effective way of holding whiskey reserves.

Mitchells devised a simple colour coding scheme using dawbs or spots of coloured paint on the barrels in their ware house to track the age of the whiskey in each barrel.

So, Blue Spot was 7 years old, Green Spot was 10 Years old, Yellow Spot was 12 years old and Red Spot was 15 years old. Word got out amongst Irish Whiskey drinker about the quality controls system in the warehouses and because of this Mitchells whiskey gained a reputation for quality assurance. The Green Spot Barrelled Whiskey at 10 years became quite popular and a clever decision was then made by Mitchells to rename it Green Spot from it’s existing name of Pat Whiskey. Green Spot became the most popular of the litter and was the last of the four to be removed from the market as distillery bottled whiskey took over the market whiskey botttled by bonders ssuch as mitchells and Gilbeys who had a similar experience with their Redbreast labels.

Thankfully, someone far seeing in Irish Distillers decided to reintroduce Both Redbreast and the Green Spot labels some ten or so years ago and both labels have quickly developed strong and loyal Irish Whiskey fans.

Following on the success of Green Spot, Irish Distillers brought back a 12 Year Old Yellow Spot, but in addition to an extra 2 years in Ex Bourbon casks and Sherry Butts, they finished it in Madeira casks to produce one of Ireland’s classic Single Pot Still Whiskeys.

What next for the Spot Range? How about a Red Spot Whiskey as a 15 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey finished in Port Pipes? Just a suggestion, but if Irish Distillers take up my idea, I expect one of the first bottles!

Mitchell & Son Distillery