Lambay Irish Whiskey is a collaboration between the Baring Family who owns the iconic Lambay Island off the coast of Dublin and Maison Camus, the famous Cognac House from Ile de Ré on the west coast of France who matures their cognac in their Atlantic Ocean influenced, cliffside maturation cellars.


Lambay Island is off the East Coast of Ireland, just a few kilometers northeast of Dublin

Lambay currently have two Irish Whiskey expressions in their portfolio; a high-quality Single Malt Irish Whiskey and also an Irish Whiskey blend. The whiskeys used in both expressions are sourced from a third party Irish Whiskey distillery. Lambay Whiskey fill their whiskey into Camus Cognac Casks for finishing in their dedicated maturation cellars on Lambay Island.

Most recently, they have introduced a novel Lambay Whiskey Cask Investment scheme for Irish Whiskey aficionados where the investor can design and purchase their own unique cask of Lambay Whiskey.

Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara in the Lambay Whiskey Maturation Cellar.

Irish Whiskey Blogger Stuart McNamara visits the Lambay Whiskey Maturation Cellars.

The combination of influences from the Ile de Ré and Irish Sea coastal cellars and Camus Cognac finish give all Lambay Whiskeys a unique character and identity.

Lambay Whiskey’s branding is based around amazingly eccentric and adventurous ancestors, strong nautical heritage and the unique wildlife of Lambay Island which includes Puffins, Whales and even Wallabies. These are all brilliantly blended and caricatured into one of the most colourful and intriguing backstories for any of the current brands in the Irish Whiskey sector today.

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Lambay Whiskey Puffin

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