Powers John’s Lane Irish Whiskey

[heading subtitle=”Powers John’s Lane” title=”Irish Whiskey”][row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”8″]Powers whiskey was originally produced in the old John’s Lane Distillery in Dublin before production moved to Midleton along with Jameson in 1975. The John’s Lane Release expression of Powers recreates the magic of the original Powers whiskey style.

Powers’ John’s Lane Distillery was founded by a Dublin inn keeper named James Power in 1791. After his son John Power took over the distillery some years later, the name was changed to John Power and Son. By the mid 1800’s Powers Whiskey was one of the largest and most successful distilleries in Dublin. At that time, Irish distilleries did not sell directly to the public. Instead, they sold casks to whiskey bonders who then sold on the casks to inn keepers who then diluted and bottled the cask strength whiskey in house.

Many unscrupulous inn keepers were known to dilute or adulterate the whiskey with too much water to stretch profits and this meant that the quality of whiskey sold to the end user varied with the quality of the the inn in which it was bought.

In 1866, Powers Whiskey distillery took the unusual step of bottling their whiskey at their own distillery in bottles sealed with a Gold Label to confirm the quality assurance of an un-tampered whiskey bottle. Hence, Powers Gold Label whiskey quickly became known as an Irish Whiskey of quality and this reputation as high quality Irish whiskey remains today.

As whiskey does not age further when bottled, we are in a unique position to verify the taste and quality of these early John’s Lane whiskey bottles from Powers through the few surviving original bottles. This has enabled the recreation at Midleton distillery of 100 year old Powers Johns Lane Single Pot Still Whiskey for you to enjoy today, exactly as it tasted over 100 years ago.

As you will see from my tasting notes below, Powers John’s Lane is a unique and very special Irish whiskey time machine. It earned the title of 2012 Irish Whiskey of the year in the Whisky Bible edited by Whisky Writer Jim Murray.

Powers is one of the classic Irish whiskeys which is more popular in Ireland than abroad. As a blend, it is dominated by the pot still rather than the grain. I have to acknowledge that the Three Swallows on the neck of Powers bottles played a small role in inspiring me to develop the Pooka Whiskey Scale.[/col][col size=”4″]

Powers John Lane Irish Whiskey

Powers John’s Lane Irish Whiskey

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Powers John’s Lane Irish Whiskey

Powers John’s Lane was a very successful experiment to see if Midleton Distillery could reverse engineer a whiskey in the style of the Powers produced between 40 and 100 years ago in the original Powers Distillery in John’s Lane Dublin which closed in 1979.

It has been a spectacular whiskey time travel success. Powers John’s Lane takes you right back in time with it’s wonderful earthiness.

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Powers John’s Lane Tasting Notes

  • Nose: The nose is reminiscent of an old Dublin pub with old world aromas of wood and leather lifted by Sherry sweetness.
  • Taste: Rich full bodied single pot still with the honey and vanilla typical of Powers supported by deep rich dried fruit flavours.
  • Finish: The pot Still pepper fades fast leaving the wood to have the last word.

Stuart Says

Powers John’s lane has become a cult whiskey classic in its own right since it was launched. The whiskey has been described as “Spirit Driven” as more of the character and flavour come from the old style single pot still distillation rather than the maturation.

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Powers John’s Lane Irish Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Powers
Name: John’s Lane Release
ABV: 46%
Age Statement: 12 Years
Filtered?: Non Chill Filtered
Whiskey Type: Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey
Cask Type: First fill Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry Casks.
Pooka Scale: 3 on the Pooka scale
Three Pooka Irish Whiskey Powers John's Lane Irish Whiskey
Find out about the Pooka Scale

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