Powers Irish Whiskey

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Gold Label Whiskey

Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey

Powers Gold Label is the original Powers Whiskey. The Gold Label was used to indicate that this Powers Whiskey was bottled at the Distillery and was therefore of higher quality.

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John’s Lane Whiskey

Powers John Lane Irish Whiskey

Powers John’s Lane is like an Irish Whiskey Time Machine recreating classic
Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey as it was when it was distilled in Powers John’s Lane Distillery over 40 years ago.

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About Powers Distillery Dublin, Ireland

Powers Irish Whiskey began in Thomas Street in old Dublin in 1791 when James Power built his first Irish whiskey distillery. Shortly afterwards, he moved to an even larger premises at nearby St John’s Lane by the old Dublin City walls. Powers Whiskey was then distilled in John’s Lane distillery until production moved to the new Irish Distillers distillery in Midleton in 1976.

up to about 40 or 50 years ago, Irish Whiskey distilleries sold their whiskey in the barrel to bonded whiskey merchants or wholesalers who then diluted and bottled it for sale to their own customers. Of course this meant the the high quality of the product leaving the distillery was dependent for survival of the quality of the bottling processes and business strategy and integrity of the whiskey bonders and wholesalers.

Powers then decided to bottle their own whiskey and in fact they were the first Irish distillery to do so.To identify the distillery bottled whiskey, they marked the distillery bottled Powers Whiskey with a special Gold Label and Powers Gold Label Whiskey was born.

Today, Powers sell Powers Gold Label and Powers 12 Year Old Special Reserve Grain and Pot Still Blends and Powers John’s Lane Single Pot Still Whiskey.

Powers John’s Lane Expression is a very successful recreation of Powers Whiskey from the time it was made in the Old Powers Distillery in John’s Lane in Dublin keeping the Powers whiskey heritage alive.

Powers Distillery