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Just over 100 years ago the whiskey that we now know as Paddy was called “Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey”. Cork Distilleries had a travelling Sales Representative named Paddy O’Flaherty who seemd to be ahead of his time in that he focused on what we would call brand development and marketing today rather than his actual job which was as a simple traveling sales representative.

Paddy’s technique was to send advance notice of his arrival time a day or so in advance to the town he was due to visit with the word that he would be buying a free whiskey for all his “friends” who were drinking in any of the pubs that stocked his whiskey. The result was that Paddy’s Whiskey became very popular indeed. So popular that it became known to one and all as Paddy’s or Paddy Whiskey. Eventually, Paddy’s employers agreed to allow him to take early retirement on full salary in return for permission to trademark and use his name on the whiskey and so, Paddy Irish Whiskey was born.

The rest as they say, was history!

Paddy Blended Irish Whiskey
Paddy Blended Irish Whiskey

Paddy Blended Irish Whiskey 70cl Bottle


Stuart Says

The Classic simple bottle of Paddy is a wonderful example of one of our best One Pooka Whiskeys. It’s different to Jameson in that in addition to the Pot Still and Grain whiskeys, it also has malt whiskey in the blend giving it a very unique flavour. For many years in Ireland, Paddy was looked down on by whiskey snobs because of it’s very affordable price. I can safely say that many of these whiskey snobs had never tasted the whiskey they turned their noses up at. Take my advice. This is a very unique whiskey which I am always proud to have a bottle of in my personal whiskey cabinet.

Paddy Irish Whiskey / Lantern Carrier Blended Irish Whiskey


Stuart Says

Sold Out! The thing about Paddy is that it is such an affordable whiskey that people never give it as a gift as they consider it too plain. That’s a pity because Paddy Whiskey is one of the best kept secrets of the One Pooka Club with it’s very mild and wonderfully sweet taste. So this lovely little Paddy in a Lantern case leaves you no excuse not to buy Paddy as a gift!

Paddy in Gift Tin Blended Irish Whiskey


Stuart Says

Back in Stock! Paddy Whiskey is one of the great classic Irish Whiskeys. I did think very carefully about awarding it a Two Pooka Irish Whiskey rating but I think that Paddy itself would rather be one of the best One Pooka Whiskeys rather than an unremarkable Two Pooka Whiskey. Paddy is just different and this wonderful gift set in an authentic tin box is Paddy whiskey as it should be.

Paddy Irish Whiskey Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Simple. Gentle slightly sweet and malty nose.
  • Taste: Mild and malty with burnt wood. Avery distinctive taste.
  • Finish: Long gentle finish with shades of malt, sherry and woody notes.

Stuart Says

This really is a classic Irish Whiskey. I’m also amazed that so few Irish people have forgotten just how good this very affordable whiskey is. I personally believe that the relatively low price of Paddy has worked against it in recent years leaving it to become the whiskey of choice for hot whiskeys and Irish Coffees. But take my advice, buy a bottle and sip it neat or with a little water for a very special treat. This is two Pooka Whiskey quality at a One Pooka price, therefore One Pooka as it’s also a super and gentle Paddy is one of the best kept secrets of Irish Whiskey. You have been told!!

Paddy Irish Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Irish Distillers
Name: Paddy
ABV: 40%
Age Statement: None
Whiskey Type: Pot Still Whiskey, Malt Whiskey and Grain Whiskey Blend
Cask Type: Bourbon Barrels and Sherry Butts
Pooka Scale: 1 on the Pooka scale
One Pooka Irish Whiskey - Paddy Irish Whiskey
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Irish Distillers produce some of the most famous and loved brand of Irish Whiskey like Jameson, Crested 10, Paddy, Powers, Red Breast and Spot Whiskeys.