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Malahide pils viskija degustācijas

Meklējam foršu ideju savai 2020 uzturēšanās vietu? Kā būtu ar viskija degustāciju vecā viduslaiku pilī!

Viesa emuāra ziņa - Džons Kallelijs Island Whiskey Tours.

Piezīme: Promotional Photos for the Whiskey Tastings reflect Pre Covid Days.there There are just a limited number of places on these tours to ensure social distancing and an enjoyable quality experience for all. Pre Booking is essential.

The team at Malahide Castle are delighted to introduce a new Whiskey Tasting Experience this summer. Whiskey and castles – a match made in heaven!

Enjoy a fully guided tour of the 12th century Malahide Castle, finishing with a very unique Whiskey Tasting Experience hosted by Whiskey Island expert John Callely.

Every Saturday from 1st August at 5pm, Malahide Castle will offer this fun and informative comparative Whiskey Tasting Experience after your guided tour. You’ll hear the incredible story of Irish whiskey through the ages; from one-time world fame, to dramatic downfall, to comeback!

Ever wondered what makes Irish and Scotch and American whisk(e)y so different? Now’s your chance to learn how the process differs from country to country.

Malahide pils viskija degustācijas. Īru viskijs Blogger Stuart McNamara

Sample and compare some delicious new local Irish Whiskey with famous Scotch and American Whisk(e)y. This isn’t just a tour for connoisseurs, this tasting makes whiskey accessible to everyone and it gives you an ideal opportunity to learn about a booming Irish industry, and about our national drink which is on fire around the globe.

The tour and tasting will last approx. 1hr 15 protokols. Online pre- booking is advised as there are just a limited number of places to ensure social distancing and an enjoyable quality experience for all.

More info/tickets at : https://www.malahidecastleandgardens.ie/news-events/events/whiskey-tasting-at-malahide-castle/

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