IrishWhiskey.Com는 최종 후보입니다 2018 블로그 어워드 아일랜드.

IrishWhiskey.Com는 최종 후보입니다 2018 블로그 어워드 아일랜드.


위스키 블로거, IrishWhiskey.Com는 최종 후보입니다 2018 Blog Awards Ireland., 아일랜드어 위스키 .COM

I was delighted to receive an email this afternoon informing me that IrishWhiskey.Com is now a Finalist in the 2018 블로그 어워드 아일랜드.

The Blog Awards Ireland, have just announced the Finalists for the 2018 상. These awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of the blogger community throughout Ireland over the past 12 달.

On this final judging round, the blogs and bloggers were judged on their writing skills, the quality of their content, their interactions with the public and the overall feeling the judges got after reading the blogs. Were they enjoyable? Were they inspiring? Did they use their voice intelligently?

위스키 블로거, IrishWhiskey.Com는 최종 후보입니다 2018 Blog Awards Ireland., 아일랜드어 위스키 .COM

I am honoured that IrishWhiskey.Com is a Finalist for Best Irish Blog in the Food and Drink category. As far as I know, I am the only Whiskey Blogger in the Finals.

The Sliabh Liag Distillery Article

My second nomination on the shortlist for Best Overall Irish Blog Post for my article on Sliabh Liag Distillery did not unfortunately make it through to the final. But I am still very happy that this important article on the value of whiskey tourism to a rural Irish community in Donegal made it so far to being shortlisted for Best Blog Post in Ireland.

All the more poignant, as I learnt this week that the wonderful owners of Sliabh Liag have had to relocate their distillery site to nearby Ardara. This is because of frustrating and potentially costly delays caused by a small element of local opposition. 슬프게도, Carrick’s loss will be Ardara’s gain in securing what will be one of the most significant current tourism projects to be built in West Donegal for some time.

I am very proud to have learned that my particular blog post played some small part in supporting the visionary team behind 돌 산 Distillery and The Silkie Donegal Whiskey. That’s why I love being a Whiskey Blogger.

그만큼 2018 Blogger Ireland Awards

The winners will be announced at the annual Blogger Ireland Awards in Dublin at the end of October. Follow them on Social Media with #Bloggies18.

So now I have to practice thatOscars Nominations위스키 블로거, IrishWhiskey.Com는 최종 후보입니다 2018 Blog Awards Ireland., 아일랜드어 위스키 .COM Smilethat you have to hold when the Compere saysAnd the award goes to….”.

Many thanks again to all of my contacts, friends and supporters from the Irish Whiskey Industry, Irish Marketing Industry for your friendship and support. Thanks most of all, to all my followers on @WhiskeyBlogger on 지저귀다, 인스 타 그램, 페이스 북LinkedIn and my many readers here on IrishWhiskey.Com, for your wonderful support to me as a Whiskey Blogger over the last few years.

I have a busy professional life outside of whiskey, so my blogging research and writing is often done at weekends and late at night when I can find time. Your support and feedback make it all worth while.

Thank you one and all.

친절 감사,


위스키 블로거, IrishWhiskey.Com는 최종 후보입니다 2018 Blog Awards Ireland., 아일랜드어 위스키 .COM

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