Īru viskijs uztvērēji īru Blog Award

Īru viskijs uztvērēji īru Blog Award

It has been an exciting few months since first being longlisted and then being shortlisted for two award categories out of over 2,000 entries in the Irish Blog Awards before finally being selected for the Final in the Best Food and Drink Blog in Ireland Award with īru viskijs.

We were one of twelve finalists in a combined list of Commercial and Non Commercial Irish Food and Drink Blogs so being realistic, we were just looking forward to a fun night out and were thrilled to have even made the final, especially given the sheer quality of our fellow finalists with blogs on Wine, džins, Meat, Sea Food, Baking, Restaurant Reviews, Cooking, Diet and Nutrition and Recipes.

The Blog Awards Ireland 2018,Dublin. oktobris 2018 Īru viskijs Blogger Stuart McNamara

The Blog Awards Ireland 2018,Dublin. oktobris 2018

Being honest, I was surprised to be there in the first place as can clearly be seen by my lamped rabbit look on the entrance photo shoot.

But it was great fun to hear Irish Whiskey mentioned when the compere did his Oscars pieceAnd, the 2018 Nominations are…..”

It all seemed a bit surreal therefore as he announced īru viskijs as the Bronze Award winner for Best Food and Drink Blog in Ireland for 2018.

Vēlreiz, many thanks to all of our readers and social media followers for your support and good wishes and congratulations too, to all of our fellow blogs and bloggers in the Irish Blog Award Finals.

Many thanks also to the Judges, Sponsors and Organisers for a great competition and a great Awards eveningin Dubin.

tagad, I think that it’s time that I got back to writing about Irish Whiskey!

Thanks again Folks!

Ar cieņu,


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