Bushmills 1608 Irish Whiskey

[heading subtitle=”Bushmills 1608″ title=”Irish Whiskey”][row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”8″]With a heritage rooted in authenticity and quality, Bushmills Irish Whiskey is produced, aged and bottled at Ireland’s oldest working distillery in the village of Bushmills in County Antrim on the far north coast of Ireland. The Old Bushmills Distillery uses 100% malt barley to make triple distilled malt whiskey, which is what creates the rich, mellow and distinct flavour that is the house style.

Bushmills 1608 was a special limited edition 400th anniversary whiskey produced by Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland. It was originally designed to be sold only at duty free outlets, but is now available on general release. Bushmills 1608 is a blended whiskey and is often referred to by Bushmills aficionados as Super-Black Bush.[/col][col size=”4″]

Bushmills Irish Whiskey 1608 Barrels

Bushmills 1608 Irish Whiskey Barrels

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Buy Bushmills 1608 / 400th Anniversary Blended Whiskey


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Bushmills 1608 / 400th Anniversary Blended Whiskey

Bushmills 1608 was originally produced as a special anniversary label for the airport and duty free market to celebrate 400 year of Bushmills whiskey.

Bushmills 1608 was originally released as a 12 Year old possibly in answer to Jameson’s 12 year old Special Reserve which had taken the market by storm.

Bushmills 1608 was retweaked and improved a few years later with no age statement and the revamped blend made with crystal malt was really worth while.

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Bushmills 1608 Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Warm, rich notes of dried fruit and vanilla.
  • Taste: Luscious Christmas pudding like fruit with sherry and marzipan flavours.
  • Finish: Long rich and slightly dry sherry finish.

Stuart Says

If you like Black Bush, then you will love Bushmills 1608. Like Black Bush, this special anniversary edition is a blend of grain and malt but with a very special difference. The malt in Bushmills 1608 is crystal malt which is dried at a much higher temperature causing some of the sugar in the malt to crystallise yielding burnt toffee aromas and flavours. This is a super Bushmills offering which you should reserve for very special occasions! Drink neat or witha small splash of water to get full value from your purchase.

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Bushmills 1608 Irish Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Bushmills
Name: 1608
ABV: 46%
Age Statement: None
Filtered?:</strong >No
Whiskey Type: Blended Whiskey
Cask Type: Olorosso
Pooka Scale: 3 on the Pooka scale
Three Pooka Irish Whiskey
Find out about the Pooka Scale

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All of the “buy online” links on IrishWhiskey.com give you a chance to purchase Bushmills 1608 Irish Whiskey from Amazon, Whiskey Exchange or the Master of Malt for which we are affiliates. Each of these reputable vendors will then process your order and deliver your Bushmills 1608 Irish Whiskey directly to you to enjoy. Stuart says – “you will enjoy”.

BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey is hand crafted in small batches for a smooth taste at Ireland’s oldest working distillery, in Bushmills, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. The Old Bushmills Distillery’s portfolio includes seven award-winning variants: BUSHMILLS, BUSHMILLS BLACK BUSH™, BUSHMILLS 10 Year Old Single Malt, BUSHMILLS 16 Year Old Single Malt, BUSHMILLS 21 Year Old Single Malt, an anniversary edition, BUSHMILLS 1608 and BUSHMILLS Irish Honey Spirit Drink.