Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Green Spot

Irish Whiskey

Green Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey is produced by the Midleton Distillery for Mitchell’s Wine Merchants in Dublin. It is a highly sought after and very affordable Whiskey which has attained true cult status in recent years. While no official age statement is given, traditionally, Green Spot Whiskey would have been at least an 8 Year old whiskey.

Incredible flavour and oily smoothness from this example of excellence in Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Only 5,000 bottles are produced each year, making it hard to source outside of a few select Dublin based outlets and specialist Irish whiskey websites such as We carry it when available and alert our customers via the website, Twitter and Facebook when we have it back in stock. It normally sells out in a matter of days, but don’t worry as we normally have it back in stock a few weeks later as it is released onto the market.

Green Spot Irish Whiskey
Green Spot Irish Whiskey Barrel

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Green Spot / Single Pot Still Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Green Spot is a very old friend of mine as it is just such tremendous pot still whiskey for a very reasonable price.

It’s only produced in very limited quantities every year so I tend to buy a few bottles whenever I see that it is available. I love Green Spot so much that even my non whiskey friends in Ireland slag me for having it introduced to the clubs and pubs that I regularly frequent in Dublin to ensure that I always have some on call!

Green Spot Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Rich aromatic Oils and pot still spice with a hint of apple wood.
  • Taste: Full bodied mouth feel with lots of pot still pepper and spice with the bourbon oak in the background.
  • Finish: Medium finish of spice and barley.

Stuart Says

Green Spot Single Pot Still has long been one of my own personal favourite Irish Whiskeys and I have gone to great lengths to persuade several of my own personal pub and club haunts in Dublin to stock it for me on the basis that if it didn’t sell for them that I’d buy out the stock. I’ve never had to do that! Green Spot is a great Two Pooka gateway in to the wonderful world of pure Pot Still Irish Whiskey.

Green Spot Irish Whiskey Fact File

Brand Name: Spot Whiskey
Name: Green Spot
ABV: 40%
Age Statement: None
Filtered?: Non chill filtered
Whiskey Type: Single Pot Still Whiskey
Cask Type: Ex Bourbon Barrels and Sherry Butts
Pooka Scale: 2 on the Pooka scale
Two Pooka Irish Whiskey Green Spot
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All of the “buy online” links on give you a chance to purchase Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey from Amazon, Whiskey Exchange or the Master of Malt for which we are affiliates. Each of these reputable vendors will then process your order and deliver your Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey directly to you to enjoy. Stuart says – “you will enjoy”.

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