Irish Whiskey .com was designed by Irish Whiskey writer and aficionado Stuart McNamara as an online centre of excellence for Irish Whiskey. The site is very much aimed at supporting the Irish Whiskey Beginner with detailed descriptions, tasting notes and buying guides for all of the popular Irish Whiskey labels for sale on the site. Each product also contains a “Stuart Says” to further inform and guide a whiskey beginner on what to buy and how to best enjoy your Irish Whiskey.

Stuart has also created an innovative Pooka Whiskey Scale which guides an Irish Whiskey Beginner through the bewildering mix of Irish Whiskey labels, vintages and blends by organising Irish Whiskey labels and expressions into five simple categories from progressing from entry level One Pooka Whiskeys such as Bushmills Original, Tullamore DEW, Jameson, Powers, Paddy, Kilbeggan and others through levels two, three and four up to the Hyper Irish Whiskeys at Pooka Five.
With Stuart at the helm, Irish Whiskey .com, the Home of Irish Whiskey will continue to serve its readers and visitors with the best Irish Whiskey centered content on the web!

Stuart McNamara

International Whiskey Writer & Aficionado


Stuart McNamara is the owner and editor of , and and is a well known international Whiskey writer, historian and blogger. As well as setting up the de facto online fan hubs for Irish Whiskey & Haig Whisky, he also edits The Irish Whiskey Trail websites.. Stuart is also behind a standardised classification scale for demystifying Irish Whiskey for Beginners – “The Pooka Scale“. Stuart’s love and expert knowledge of Irish Whiskey and Haig Whisky has been the driving force behind these sites for many years and it has allowed him to transition into a well known international whiskey writer and speaker.

In 2016, Stuart led the development of a major tourism initiative in his native Ireland to develop Irish Whiskey Tourism. Stuart created Irish Whiskey Day on 3rd March and linked this one day international Irish Whiskey festival with the launch of the Irish Whiskey Trail and Dublin Whiskey Trail websites and smartphone guides for Irish Whiskey tourism. Regional Irish Whiskey Trail websites and Smartphone apps are being rolled out in 2018.  These include the Leinster, Ulster, Munster and Connacht Whiskey Trails, The Irish Whiskey Way Whiskey Trail for the Atlantic Coast of Ireland and a Cork and Belfast Whiskey Trail

He has now been asked to develop similar whisky tourism sites for the Scottish Whisky tourism market beginning with the launch the Scottish Whisky Trail website in 2018.